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The future of being human initiative

We are a unique community of bold, audacious and visionary thinkers who are inspired by what it might mean to be human in a technologically transformed futureand who are passionate about exploring how this influences our thinking and actions in the present.

Whoare we?

We are students, researchers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, investors, business executives, and ordinary people with extraordinary ideas from every background. Together, we are intrigued by what it might mean to be human in the future, obsessed by how emerging technologies are rewriting the rulebook of what is possible, and inspired by the idea of exploring the future of being human with other creative thinkers.

Whatdo we do?

As the community develops, we will be developing a growing number of ways to enable people to come together and explore compelling questions and transformative ideas around the future of being human.

Some of these will be as intimate as informal hangouts, or “popup discussions.” Others will be high profile public events and even retreats.

We’ll even be developing educational opportunities unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else!

All of these will be driven by a passion to bring together audacious, original and passionate thinkers to push the boundaries of how we imagine the future of being human in a technologically complex world, and how this can inform our ideas, aspirations, and actions, in the present.

Whatinspires us?

As a community we are captivated andinspired by compelling questions around the how emerging technologies may challenge and transform what it means to be human.

Questions like:

  • Will we live our future lives in a computer simulation?
  • Will aging one day become a thing of the past?
  • Will Large Language Models upend our notions of personhood and autonomy?
  • Could cryopreservation transform how we think about the future?
  • What will life in a post-scarcity future look like?
  • Will we be able to design and create synthetic consciousness in the future?
  • How will quantum computing upend our understanding of ourselves and what is possible?
  • How could atomically precise manufacturing transform our lives?
  • Will we be able to upload our memories and personalities to the cloud in the future?
  • Will technology-enabled telepathy one day become a reality?
  • Could advanced gene editing allow us to radically rethink our biological selves?
  • How do we successfully navigate Advanced Technology Transitions?
  • Is longtermism a viable approach to designing the future?
  • Will future technologies radically catalyze our creative potential?

The possibilities are endless, and the implications to how we think, act, and live in the present, are profound.

What brings ustogether?

Together, we are a community that embraces:

Obsessive curiosity as we revel in the joy of discovery;

Radical creativity as we enthusiastically embrace unconventional, fantastic, and whimsical possibilities;

Respectful inclusivity as we actively transcend conventional, implicit, and socialized perspectives of someone’s worth, value, and ability to make meaningful contributions to new ideas;

Grounded exuberance as we freely and joyfully push at the boundaries of conventional thinking while remaining grounded in reality; and

Catalytic serendipity as we embrace the transformative nature of serendipitous insights and discoveries that arise from casual and unexpected situations, conversations, and interactions, and actively work to translate these into societally beneficial impacts.

Read more in our guiding principles.

Stay intouch

We are actively seeking to connect with bold and audacious thinkers who are passionate about exploring the future of being human with us. If you’re interested in staying in touch, or getting more involved with the community, please check out the link below.