Do AI’s dream of electric people?

Past Unplugged Events

Do AI’s dream of electric people?

Could AIs develop a sense of self and an inner world – and should this concern or excite us? Compelling conversation with Mark Daley (University of Western Ontario), Blake Richards (McGill University), and host Andrew Maynard, exploring the cutting edge of consciousness, artificial intelligence, and where current developments may be leading us.

Living with your AI Symbiont

Is deep and meaningful human-AI cooperation possible? What could it look like given what we know about human nature? Join us for a live streamed conversation on Future of being Human … Unplugged between Athena Aktipis (Arizona State University), Paul Rainey (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology), and host Andrew Maynard, as we explore the possibilities of developing symbiotic relationships with artificial intelligence in the future.

Will AI transform how we learn in the future?

Could advances in generative AI transform how we learn the extent that universities and colleges as we know them become a thing of the past? A conversation with Dr. Sean Leahy, Aleksandr Bogatirev, Sophia Herman, and host Professor Andrew Maynard