Past event — ZAMM 2022

Get your inner zombie on as you explore the future of being human!

What could possibly be more important to the future of being human than the Zombie Apocalypse?!

We are proud to be supporting and participating in this year’s Zombie Apocalypse Medicine meeting: Zeds, Drugs and Rock & Roll — more details below on the meeting and how to register.

And look out for a genre-bending session on the Sunday exploring imagined futures!

Zeds, Drugs and Rock & Roll

Join us for a totally re-envisioned academic meeting, featuring zombies, the apocalypse, and monsters of all kinds.

The third Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting (October 20-23, 2022) will be taking place at ASU’s new MIX Center in Mesa! This year’s theme is Zeds, Drugs, and Rock & Roll.

We will have featured speakers and shows on topics including psychedelics, addiction, drugs in medicine (including the evolution of drug resistance), music, entrainment, improvisation and counter-culture, all with an eye to how these entities can zombify us and/or how they contribute to (or help us mitigate) the apocalypse.

We will also feature guests who will talk about the role of festivals, gatherings and collective experiences of the arts in helping humans process complex information and build valuable social networks.

Interested in joining? Learn more at and contact Cristina Baciu at to register by Friday, October 14th!