Did Bill Joy get it right when he said the future doesn’t need us? (Meetup, April 27)

Join us for an in-person Future of Being Human meetup at 2:00 PM on April 27 in Tempe, Arizona, to talk about Sun Microsystems Founder Bill Joy’s reflections on the future, written in 2000, and whether they are still relevant.

The original article can be read here. (There’s also a PDF version available here)


Date: April 27, 2022
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Location: Room 102, ISTB10 (formerly Wrigley Hall)
Address: 800 S Cady Mall, Tempe AZ 85287-6002

About Future of Being Human meetups

Future of Being Human meetups are informal and lively meetings where attendees get the opportunity to connect with others and discuss different aspects of being human in a technologically complex future. Anyone who is curious about the future, is excited to discuss it with others, and is willing to explore bold and audacious ideas in casual environment, is very welcome to join us, whether you are part of the ASU community, or simply someone who’s looking for engaging conversations about the future!

Meetups are guided by the Future of Being Human Guiding Principles, as well as “three do’s and a don’t” to facilitate open, inclusive and creative discussion:

  • Do come ready to enjoy, learn from, and be inspired by, a diversity of ideas, perspectives and ways of seeing and understanding the world.    
  • Do practice a yes-and attitude as you affirm and build on the perspectives and ideas of others.
  • Do find value in the company and the conversation.
  • Don’t academic-splain!