Future of being human events


What happens when AI and cooperation science collide?

DECEMBER 19, 2023 Could research on interspecies cooperation transform how we think about living with advanced artificial intelligence in the future?  Join us for a live streamed conversation on Future of being Human … Unplugged between Athena Aktipis (Arizona State University), Mark Daley (University of Western Ontario), and host Andrew Maynard, as we explore how the emerging science of cooperation sheds light on how we might think about our relationship with AI in the future.

How worried should we be about political bias in ChatGPT and other generative AI platforms?

NOVEMBER 1, 2023 Join us for an in-person Future of Being Human meetup at 4:00 PM on Wednesday November 1 on the ASU campus in Tempe, where we’ll be discussing the potential challenges of political bias in ChatGPT and other generative AI platforms, and what this might mean for democratic processes decision making, and even AI-mediated learning.

Living with your AI Symbiont

Is deep and meaningful human-AI cooperation possible? What could it look like given what we know about human nature? Join us for a live streamed conversation on Future of being Human … Unplugged between Athena Aktipis (Arizona State University), Paul Rainey (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology), and host Andrew Maynard, as we explore the possibilities of developing symbiotic relationships with artificial intelligence in the future.

Deep Pasts to Deep Futures

Over the coming academic year the Future of Being Human initiative will be collaborating with others across ASU to explore how our deep pasts inform and impact our deep futures from African perspectives such as Afrofuturism and Africanfuturism

The Future of Being Human … Unplugged

This fall, the Future of Being Human initiative is launching a new series of crosscutting online conversations around what it might mean to be human in a technologically complex world.

Pizza and a Slice of Future

If you’re an undergraduate student at ASU, join us every Thursday at 5 PM in the Fall 2023 semester for pizza, good company, and mind-bending conversations about science, technology, and the future of being human