Pizza and a Slice of Future

Are you intrigued by emerging trends in technologies like AI, brain-machine interfaces, gene-editing, and others; curious about what the future holds for being human as these technologies become increasingly powerful; and looking for opportunities to hang out with others with similar interests? Join us for Pizza and a Slice of Future — every Thursday at 5 PM while classes are on.

BREAKING: You can now sign up for credit for Pizza and a Slice of Future of you are an ASU undergraduate! Search for “Pizza” in the ASU Class Search.

Hosted by Professor Andrew Maynard and the ASU Future of Being Human initiative, Pizza and a Slice of Future is an opportunity to hang out with other ASU undergrads who enjoy talking about tech and the future … all while eating pizza! We meet in the Future of Being Human community room in ISTBX 102, and relax, hang out, eat pizza, and talk about some of the most intriguing topics around technology, the future, and being human!

Note that this is not an official club, but a casual weekly meetup hosted by the Future of Being Human initiative. It’s also possible to get credit for attending (and doing a little extra work) — see the link above.

If you are an undergrad at ASU and are interested in regular email updates about Pizza and a Slice of Future, sign up here.

Next running August 17 to November 30, 2023.

Fall Schedule:

Aug 17    Does AI present an existential threat?
Aug 24    Will your next Best Friend Forever be a machine?
Aug 31    How will electroprogrammable biology change the future (Xenobots)?
Sept 7      Could we genetically engineer astronauts to protect against radiation? Should we?
Sept 14    How will we make chocolate in microgravity?
Sept 21    Just how likely is the Singularity?
Sept 28    What will learning and education look like in a post-ChatGPT world?
Oct 5       Could AI solve the problem of loneliness?
Oct 12     Will brain implants one day make us smarter?
Oct 19     If you had an Apple Vision Pro, what would you do with it?
Oct 26     Will dating in the metaverse ever become commonplace?
Nov 2      Will we one day be able to make a fully contained biocompatible human heart?
Nov 9      What are some of the wildest ways AI might change society?
Nov 16    Could cultured brain cells find their way into the next supercomputers?
Nov 30    What most excites you about possible technology advances in the next 10 years?

Where we meet:

Date: Thursdays (excluding holidays)
Time: Between 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM (come by whenever)
Location: ISTBX (formerly Wrigley Hall) Room 102
Address: 800 S Cady Mall, Tempe AZ 85287-6002

If you’d like to the first to know about Pizza and a Slice of Future events, please email Andrew Maynard to be added to the email list!

Community Norms

Pizza and a Slice of Future meetups are designed to be inclusive spaces where everyone feels welcome and comfortable, while feeling free to engage as little or as much as they want (from just eating pizza and listening to being at the center of a mind-bending conversation!)

There is an absolute expectation of being considerate to others and fostering an environment and community of care that is supportive, and that embraces and celebrates a diversity of thinking, perspectives, experience, expression, and beliefs.

Participants in meetups are expected to embrace the Future of Being Human Community Guiding Principles:

Obsessive Curiosity Reveling in the joy of discovery; finding awe and wonder in new knowledge; always asking questions and assuming there is more to learn, that conventional wisdom is transitory, and that intellectual and ideological humility are necessary for socially beneficial progress.

Radical Creativity Enthusiastically embracing unconventional, fantastic, and whimsical possibilities; imaginatively pushing the boundaries of how the future is envisioned; being excited by new ideas and visions—especially where they challenge established thinking; and fearlessly exploring where we are heading to and where we might end up as individuals and as a species.

Respectful Inclusivity Actively transcending conventional, implicit, and socialized perspectives of someone’s worth, value, and ability to make meaningful contributions to new ideas; recognizing that everyone has the potential to bring valuable insights to exploring the future of being human; having the humility to respectfully listen to and engage with people who look, think, believe, and behave differently; and embracing and celebrating difference.

Grounded exuberance Freely and joyfully exploring the fantastical and pushing at the boundaries of conventional thinking, while remaining grounded in the constraints that the universe we inhabit places on possibilities.

Catalytic Serendipity Deeply valuing the transformative nature of serendipitous insights and discoveries that arise from casual and unexpected situations, conversations, and interactions, and actively working to translate these into societally beneficial impacts.

If you have any questions, please email Andrew Maynard at