Past event — Meetup: November 10, 2022. Tempe AZ


Join us for an in-person Future of Being Human meetup at 4:00 PM on November 10, on the ASU Tempe campus.

Organized in Collaboration with the ASU Center for Science and the Imagination

Topic: Join us to discuss whether AI-generated art diminishes or enhance humans as creative individuals

Space is limited, so please register early to guarantee your spot.

These meetups are opportunities to meet informally with others interested in the future of being human in a technologically complex world, and to engage in lively and stimulating discussion.

We’ll be letting people who have registered know a few days beforehand what the focus of the meetup will be, but expect the conversation to veer off in delightfully serendipitously and unexpected directions whatever the topic!

Space is limited at these events, so please sign up early if you’re interested in attending. Light refreshments will be available.


Date: November 10, 2022
Time: 4:00 PM – 5:15 PM
Location: Center for Science and the Imagination
Address: CSI, Centerpoint, Room 102-02, 660 W 6th Street, Tempe, AZ, 85281

Who’s the event aimed at?

This event is primarily aimed at faculty, students and staff at ASU, but anyone’s free to join us!

Additional Information

Future of Being Human meetups are informal and lively meetings where attendees get the opportunity to connect with others and discuss different aspects of being human in a technologically complex future. Anyone who is curious about the future, is excited to discuss it with others, and is willing to explore bold and audacious ideas in casual environment, is very welcome to join us!

As the focus is primarily on community and discussion, we typically let participants know what the focus of each meetup will be just a few days ahead of time.

Meetups are guided by the Future of Being Human Guiding Principles, as well as “three do’s and a don’t” to facilitate open, inclusive and creative discussion:

  • Do come ready to enjoy, learn from, and be inspired by, a diversity of ideas, perspectives and ways of seeing and understanding the world.    
  • Do practice a yes-and attitude as you affirm and build on the perspectives and ideas of others.
  • Do find value in the company and the conversation.
  • Don’t academic-splain!

We typically start the discussion 15 minutes after the meetup starts (giving time to hang out and chat with others), and keep the more structured part of the meetup to around 45 minutes.

For more information on the AI-generated graphics used on this page and the Future of Being Human website, check out this article.