About the Future of Being Human Vestaboard

If you’ve been past the Future of Being Human space recently on ASU’s Tempe campus, the chances are you’ve seen the initiative’s new Vestaboard!

Combining old “flipboard” technology reminiscent of timetable boards in train stations and airports, together with modern web-based integration and messages that are reflective of technology and the future, the Vestaboard both captures the essence of the initiative while challenging passers by to think differently about the future of being human.

The board randomly cycles through over 500 quotes, observations and questions that are connected in some way with what it might mean to be human in a technologically advanced future.

It’s set to change every ten minutes, starting on the hour:

Check it out next time you’re in Tempe — in ISTBX at the junction of South Cady Mall and University Avenue. And for more information on the installation, check out the Future of being Human Substack.